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dinsdag 13 september 2011

Less is more or sometimes different is more

I’m a firm believer in using supplements to support your body through certain periods in life. Sometimes that means taking 6 different ones and sometimes you forget to buy new bottles and it means just taking a multi vitamin supplement for a while. There is so much on the market nowadays that it is confusing and then add up to that the unique and personal aspect of what you need and it all becomes a bit complex. Adding in the factors, price, quality, the vision and mission statement of the producing company, factoring in if it is vegan, without additives and produced with the most respect towards mother earth and the employees involved. These can all be factors that matter to you, or not!
Sometimes you intuitively know what you need. Sometimes you need someone else to assist you in sorting it out. Sometimes you don’t even know that there is something out there that might be useful to you at any given time. Or which brand is best and which foods you need to add or to leave out so that your body can more easily assimilate the substances you need to supplement. It’s a whole new world, and maybe you just don’t want to dive into it.

At the moment 've decided to delve into the world of cell salts or Schussler salts. It seems we are born with perfect amounts of everything and then succeed in depleting one or more of these essential salts from our body along the journey of life. My kinesiologist helps me to determine what is needed at any given time. So you see I on the same path as you, and that is why I find this so amazing and interesting to share with you.
Taking them is easy as pie, they dissolve easily under or on your tongue, or you can dissolve them in water which you take small sips of throughout the day.
You can read more about it online yourself, but here are a few websites to check out:

Although there is a strong resemblance to homeopathic remedies in the descriptons, the cell salts are not strictly seen as being homeopathic medications. There are 12 basic salts…..and then some.
So if you are for example experiencing cramping, muscle pains, not sleeping so well, one might advise you to try out magnesium as a supplement. Now in some people this supplement works just fine and in others it is not easily assimilated for whatever reason and seems to lead to no positive result at all. Then you  might want to try the magnesium Schussler salt, after which you do start getting results. Don’t bother to ask why, just embrace that there are different ways to get to the same destination.

So what I mean to say today is, it’s worthwhile to investigate, collaborate and try out a new way of looking at supplements to support your general health and / or specific temporary needs in that department. I’ll be glad to accompany you on that voyage, there is no end to what we can learn and find and implement for ourselves.

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