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zaterdag 29 oktober 2011

Healer heal thyself.......

Clients and students are always a source of inspiration and also meant to be a mirror, so I stay in the here and now and keep on my toes. One important factor is that in the same reality I am also someone’s client and someone’s student. Now that first one never really stuck well with me. I’m up the River in Egypt with that one, as in “denial”. I perceive myself to be challenged but invincible. So when others get sick, I won’t. Where others need regular treatment, I don’t. Wrong! It is a well known behavior in therapist country that we ourselves are last on the list when it comes to receiving treatment on a regular basis. Best options would be trading with each other and regular study groups. I confess I’m guilty, I don’t plan either of those well or on a regular basis. So basically I don’t practice what I preach. Ergo, I’m just human and I do get sick. But then again, when I do, I have a whole lot of info to get myself through the process more swiftly and easily. And when I do, I finally turn to my colleagues and ask for help. Definitely a learning process. And now that it is once again autumn and the energies of lung and large intestine should be strongest as the metal element rules Autumn in the oriental five element cycle, what happens? My old friend and enemy bronchitis lurked and popped up its periscope. Compared to the debilitating two weeks in bed with heavy antibiotics I used to suffer from as a teenager, now I can function to about 75% and not have to stay in bed. So what is my learning curve here. Obvious I guess. I am not invincible, but I will survive and learn to ask for support on time. Check! All done. So apart from some coughing and sniffles I’m ready to rock and roll again. Now what it does make obviously clear to me is that everyone can use a little extra support this time of year. Fun! So I delve into my low artistic digital skills whip up a little flyer and offer my clients extra pampering for autumn/winter with a little discount. I love to offer special deals. And trust that my clients will know that preventative care and pampering will do them just as much good as mine did for me!

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